Why pregnant women must not neglect oral health?

During pregnancy a woman must ensure her oral health

During pregnancy, most of the women tend to suffer from different health issues. Indeed, it is a critical phase of their life which needs utmost care and observation. Though regular consultation with the gynecologist erases most of the concerns, but there are some which are not considered seriously due to lack of knowledge and negligence. This complicates delivery and postpartum poor health of mother and her child.

One of the most important health concerns is of oral health & hygiene and its direct impact on pregnancy. Keeping good care of oral hygiene ensures overall health of the expecting mother and her child but, neglecting it leads to growth of bacteria which further develops ailments like periodontal disease and tooth decay.

It has been medically proven that pregnant women with periodontal disease are highly susceptible to premature delivery and low weight babies while those suffering from tooth decay have children bearing the same before they turn five. Some studies have also established a strong connection between premature delivery and periodontal disease, researchers in the U.S found out that pregnant women suffering from periodontal disease are seven times more prone to premature delivery and low weight babies than those who have a good oral health.

The continuous onslaught of periodontal disease may also lead to a condition called preeclampsia - a sharp increase in blood pressure. The condition puts mother at the risk of stroke, hemorrhage and kidney failure, whereas the baby is at the risk of premature delivery. However, studies are still underway to establish a strong relation between periodontal disease and preeclampsia.  
The harmful growth of bacteria also leads to the onset of another oral concern known as tooth decay or dental caries. Although, infants are born with tooth decaying bacteria, but many get them from their mothers due to close contact. Researchers have established that pregnant mothers with ongoing tooth decay have more bacteria and transmit the same to their progeny.       

Certain measures must be taken by pregnant women to ward off diseases cause by teeth bacteria.

Here are they: 

1. Visit your dentist before getting pregnant and during pregnancy to ensure optimum oral health.

2. Regularly brush, floss and gargle to avoid growth of harmful bacteria.  

3. Use chewing gums, tooth pastes and candies which contain xylitol. The substance has proven to bring down tooth decaying bacteria in pregnant women.  

4. Avoid intake of sugar and sugar based products which catalyzes the process of tooth decay.                                                                              


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