Walk your way to fitness: My personal experience !

Walking daily for 30 minutes is one of the best workouts for human body

As you cross 30's, you have high chances of having a potbelly stomach, your digestion suffers and most importantly you lose energy to work efficiently. I was also going through a similar phase, entangled between a 9 to 6 desk job, family to look after and with a new born baby I bore the blunt of many sleepless nights. Gradually, I lost my health and this meant a lot.I never wanted to look like an old man in 30's devoid of any life.

To fuel my fitness resolution I began to read articles on health, watched good number of Youtube videos and gained knowledge of Yoga, CrossFit, HIIT, TRX, Pilates even old school fitness routines along with diet and nutrition. Despite having knowledge the execution was null, I hadn't attempted a single push up all through these days. Here was my mundane routine, wake up, have some breakfast, reach office, munch on something, have lunch, head back to home, eat dinner, watch some T.V, check my social media posts and sleep (repeat). I yawned through out the day with a puffed face. Meanwhile, I loved watching fit instagrammers, coaches and fitness enthusiasts who were displaying all sort of intense workouts through their social media accounts. 

I was getting my dose of 'fitness motivation' from them. But again when it came to execution I failed miserably. Like most people, I genuinely loved that extra hour of nap in the morning passing the workout resolution for the next day. Days were moving swiftly, stress was building up and I was craving everyday for some kind of dessert after my dinner, which would be a candy to satiate my sweet tooth. Though I wasn't a mindless eater, I knew my appetite well.

But, subconsciously, I knew there would be negative outcomes of my dull routine and it turned out to be true. Slowly I was not able to fit in my clothes, my energy had drained, huffing puffing I was experiencing hard time walking upstairs and most importantly I was not able to concentrate on my work.I thought that it was enough, and I had to seriously catch hold of my health before it gets too late. As time and money were my bottlenecks, there was no hope for perky gym memberships so I started up with the most basic movement of human life- WALKNING. In fact humans have been walking ever since they first appeared on earth.  

More to it walking is convenient to all demanding workouts; it does not requires vein popping strength and energy as required in lifting weights or high intensity interval training. Walking is also a good aerobic activity walking and does not hurt the knee joints. Number of articles and reports validate the numerous benefits of daily 20 minutes brisk walk which include weight control, good cardiac and respiratory functioning, anti-ageing, endurance and much more. I took the cue and came to the conclusion that it’s better to stay simple and adapt brisk walking in my daily routine with some body weight workouts - as per one’s capacity. 

Yes, while all this was happening I was eating moderately (non-veg and veg) home cooked food, no fad diets, no supplements, just seasonal fruits with lots of water throughout the day. I would say, eat all the good things nature has provided to you, stay away from processed food and eat in moderation- that is the key. After a month of routine I was in good shape without worrying about lack of time, injuries, tough commitments, diets etc. In this social media driven world you don’t need to follow aesthetically perfect fitness freaks, instead focus to be more functional and balanced. If you have the time and energy to deal with intense workouts you surely can but, remember workouts are a part of life not life unless you aim to be a fitness professional.          



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