Bruce Lee versus Shaolin Monk, yes it really happened

Wong Jack Man and some Shaolin monks were not happy with Bruce Lee because he was training Caucasians

Bruce Lee fans, world over are waiting eagerly for the release of the movie ‘Birth of the Dragon’ which shows how Bruce Lee’s personality and fighting style changed forever, due to a single fight, with an equally fierce competitor. 

The movie opens up a chapter from Lee’s life which is still shrouded in mystery. Yes, it is the famous bout between him and Shaolin monk, Wong Jack Man which took place during the early 70s’ at some unknown location in San Francisco.

The American Wild West had ended and Kung Fu was winning Hollywood's heart. Lee was the only Asian movie superstar who had made it big in the Hollywood, but he had differences with native Chinese community. Wong Jack Man and some Shaolin monks were not happy with Lee, because he was training a good number of Caucasians instead of local Chinese.

Eye witness accounts of the fight, have different versions of the incident. Some say that the fight ended with Bruce Lee claiming flawless victory, while some testify that Wong Jack Man overpowered Lee. 

It has also been reported that Bruce Lee became irritated and aggressive during the bout, not part of his usual cool temperament.

But, what really happened is still not clearly known? 


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