Points to ponder before buying a house

Home buying should be done with a caution since it involves a huge capital

Buying a house requires acumen and farsightedness thus you must keep in mind some points before making the final decision.

Check the builder’s track record: Has the builder delivered on time in the past? Has the builder implemented quality guidelines into its projects? The answers to these and some other queries can be found on internet discussion groups, social media pages and forums.

Documentation: You must get the title and other documents checked by a lawyer. The sales deed must be signed by both the buyer and the seller. Get the encumbrance certificate, tax receipts, NOCs from water and electricity boards etc.

Budget: Always analyse your budget before taking a home loan, though the bank will give it according to your present salary, but you must keep in mind your current expenditures as well.

Bank loan: With NBFCs (Non banking financial corporation) jumping into home loans sector interest rates have become quite competitive. Check for the best quote available in the market along with the documentation fees, processing fee etc. to calculate the total costs.

Location: Last but not the least; location is the most important factor while buying a property. Important points such as proximity to main roads, civic amenities, environment and rental prospects must be kept in mind.                 


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