Top 10 benefits of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting does not need software to access the web database 

The most important need for a fully functional website is a host. In client-server architecture the server will be considered as the host which provides information to all the client computers. The type of hosting service determines the effectiveness of a website. Due to its multiple benefits such as cost effectiveness and convenience, cloud hosting has taken the world of internet by storm and is being preferred over single server hosting. According to Gartner, a leading IT research and advisory company, “More than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud during the next five years.

Here are the top ten benefits of cloud hosting which gives it an edge over other hosting platforms:

1. Provides easy modification

A dynamic website requires changes and modification on regular basis. Cloud hosting makes the process much easy for the users as they can make changes to the server software as per their requirements. For example, you can alter the storage space of the server as per the need of your web pages. 

2. Cloud hosting is secure

Cloud computing offers optimum security to its users.  Since, it does not use any kind of software, this makes it sure that other servers will not able to breach your security and neither you can. A user’s website remains safe when other cloud servers are being overloaded, in addition a user will also enjoy protection from other users.

3. No software needed

Cloud hosting does not need software to access the web database therefore, it saves user’s money which otherwise is spent on upgrading the software. Other hosting services require software for adding a new user; moreover a user also needs to get the license from the developer of the software.

4. Freedom from hardware malfunction

Single physical servers require regular maintenance due to hardware malfunction. But, in case of cloud hosting there is no need of hardware. This gives cloud hosting an edge over single server hosting.

5. Affordable

Cloud hosting is affordable due to the reason as it does not involve higher installation charges for costly server devices. This is good for startups and small enterprises as it saves their capital.

6. Easy to upgrade

As the website becomes popular its number of visitors will also increase. Some hosting services are incapable of handling this growing number therefore the website either becomes slow or will crash. Cloud hosting services gives its users the capability to upgrade their system as per the website’s growth.
A good example is that of Snapfulfil, an end-to-end warehouse management application which utilized the power of iland cloud technology. As per the case study published by iLand, “Anish Mackan, Technical Manager for Snapfulfil recalls why they jumped on the cloud opportunity very quickly. Online commerce meant their customers were experiencing a huge rise in the number of daily transactions and cloud infrastructure held the promise of providing the agility and flexibility needed to manage new logistics demands of next or same day delivery.

7. Unlimited storage

With the increasing number of website users their information will require huge amount of storage space. Physical servers have limited storage space and will force the user to seek for costly alternatives. But, cloud storage offers unlimited storage space to its users thus enhancing the capability of the website.   

8. Optimum performance

Over the past few years cloud hosting has amassed positive and fair reviews. Large number of organizations and professionals have witnessed the amazing performance of cloud hosting over single server hosting. Cloud hosting can also accommodate more number of users along with a high speed which enhances the performance of the website.

9. Backup

Since the data is shared and stored on multiple servers in cloud hosting therefore, it provides a secure backup of the entire website information.

10. Equipping small organizations with server infrastructure

Cloud hosting has equipped small business organizations to grow at par with big firms. Previously, small organizations did not had the budget to erect single physical servers like the big corporate. Cloud hosting has changed this entire market scenario which has lead to fair competition.    


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