Three tips to handle negative emotions

If you learn the art of handling emotions you will succeed very fast in life

Do you know how powerful are your emotions?

Emotions drive human beings, if emotions are good you will become a performer and if the emotions are bad you will become a parasite. A person will become a performer or a parasite depends on the type of emotions he or she is carrying in the mind.

The importance of emotions can be understood from the fact that the Adhyay 6 of Bhagwadgita discusses them in detail and even the famous book by Daniel Goleman on emotional intelligence discusses the length and breadth of emotions and their impact.

If you learn the art of handling emotions you will succeed very fast in life. Through this blog I would like to inform and equip you with three tips to handle negative emotions and come out as winner in life.

My first tip is that every negative incident has a positive intent

You must acknowledge this fact from the heart that every negative emotion is a gift, every complain is a gift, every criticism is a gift and every tragedy is also a gift.
Whatever negative is happening in your life is a gift.

Do remember, every gift does not come wrapped in a fancy cover; every gift does not come in the form of presents, awards or accolades.

Do remember every negative emotion has something positive hidden inside it. A negative incident, negative emotion, complain, tragedy comes in the form of a gift.

As soon as your mind instructs you to find a gift in all these negative emotions, you INSTANTLY DISCOVER THE GOOD IN IT.

The reason behind this is based on the fact:


Have you ever assessed the poor performance you have been giving at the same level of negative emotions all through these years? Do you know that due to these negative emotions, you are performing far below your potential? Do you know that if you shift your level of emotions from negative to positive than how much more potential you can explore in yourself?

You have to decrypt the real message hidden inside the negative emotion. This correction in the mindset will lead to a correct skill set. Your belief will determine your behavior; therefore an influence on behavior is important. And this can only be determined if you learn to find a message in every incident and thus shift your mindset.

My second tip is identify three positive messages in an emotion.

You have to identify three positive messages in a negative emotion. When you would be writing three messages behind your negative incident you would be able to witness a shift in your energy towards optimism. Imagine how powerful you would become if you are able to find GREATNESS IN THE NEGATIVE INCIDENT OF YOUR LIFE. It’s just that how fast you are identifying these messages.

My third tip is a massive action plan which says that motions of physiology impact emotions of psychology.

You cannot overcome or eradicate a negative emotion or distress just sitting in room, no, never.

You must get motivated from this famous shloka: नहि सुप्तस्य सिम्हस्य प्रविशंति मुखे मृगा:

Which means even the lion needs to work for food; he can’t wait for the deer to come to his mouth therefore, you need to take an action, change your perception and only then you can achieve success. A positive motion along with a positive emotion reaps success.

Conclusion: The morale of this blog is that you must consider any tragedy, accident, failure, deceit as a gift, than you must look out for three positive messages in the same, bring a change in your psychology and further change your physiology to gain success in life.            


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