8 scientific tips to prevent cold, cough and flu

A prevention mechanism and lifestyle changes wards off cough, cold and flu

We live in a world where we are outnumbered by different kinds of bacteria and viruses. These microscopic beings can be anywhere on your face, laptop or even in your favourite food. Every day these harmful creatures along with many other conditions make us prone to cough, cold and flu. It must be noted that there are no guaranteed measures to ward off micro-organisms or the diseases caused by them, yet with some lifestyle changes one can fortify his or her immune system to live a healthy happy life. 

So here are they:        

1. Prevention is better than cure: Cold and flu are both respiratory infections caused by viruses. These viruses are spread through droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs. Different studies have also shown that cold viruses can infect a human body through nose, mouth and hands. In order to prevent the chances of getting cold one must regularly wash hands and use a sanitizer after using public toilets, touching door knobs, working on laptops or having food.      

2. Drinking lots of fluids: It has been established by science that a full grown up adult requires 1.5 liters of water each day. Drinking enough water boosts the immune system and flushes out toxic substances from the body.

3. Eating a well balanced diet: A well balanced diet must include all the macros (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and micros (vitamins and minerals) in right proportions. In order to make this happen one must have a wholesome homemade meal. This must include unprocessed grains, green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits and enough protein. One must strictly stay away from junk food which usually contains refined flour, sugar and saturated fats.      

4. Exercising daily: Being a couch potato increases your chances of getting sick. Studies have shown that daily workout or activity of minimum 20 minutes helps your immune system to fight different diseases. In fact exercise increases blood circulation making it easier for immune cells to kill bacteria and viruses. 

5. Avoid smoking and alcohol: It has been medically proven that smoking depletes Vitamin C in human body which is essential for immune system. Smoking irritates the tissues of respiratory tract making one more susceptible to respiratory infections. While occasional alcohol consumption is safe but habitual consumption leads to impaired immunity.

6. Breath in fresh air: A healthy lymphatic system leads to strong immune system. Avoid staying inside the room all the time; take enough time to breathe outside in the vicinity of the nature.

7. Get enough sleep: Having a sound deep sleep for 8 hours helps the body to recuperate and build the immune system. 

8. Meditate and indulge in a hobby: One must also take out at least 10 minutes for daily meditation which is said to improve body function whereas indulging in a favourite hobby helps in distressing and giving peace to the mind and body.   


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