Granite flooring is all about panache and durability

Granite flooring enhances the ambience of a home and lasts for a long time

Granite stone which is from the family of igneous rock is known for its beauty and durability. It can be used to make kitchen counter tops, fireplaces, decorative shelves or bathroom vanity tops but its most efficient use lies in creating mind blowing flooring. It has been acknowledged that flooring with appeal complements the sophistication a room and, if it’s made out of granite it lasts for lifetime. 

Granite flooring has become the choice of homeowners across the world. It is not as cost effective as vinyl or carpet flooring but, its durability and beauty overpowers its disadvantages. The natural beauty of granite stone surpasses any man made material. It comes in different styles which can be selected as per one’s requirements and setting. 

A proper sense of interior designing can give way for multiple colours and patterns which can be used in granite flooring. One must diligently select the granite stone keeping in mind the size and shape of a room. It is noticed that dark colour granite floorings balance the vastness of big rooms, while subtle colours infuse space in smaller rooms. 

Granite flooring also leave an imprint of sophistication on the room. A good example of the same can be black granite flooring with light coloured walls or vice-versa. This combination keeps the brightness in control for a lively room. 

It is also noticed that partially damaged or stained floorings are a big turn off and demean the beauty of a home. And since it’s a floor it regularly bears the onslaught of spills, muddy shoes, paw marks and all kinds of wear and tear. With the passage of time a floor is robbed of all its beauty and the sweet home is into shambles. 

So what’s the long term fix? Granite flooring is the ideal solution to keep alive the charm of your home. Its non porous surface can withstand all the dirt and mud with ease. Moreover, with little mopping and cleaning granite flooring can withstand the test of time.  


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