6 mind blowing tips for an impeccable summer road trip

A well planned road trip ensures safety, comfort and lots of fun

With summer around the corner, it’s time for vacations. While there are a number of travel and leisure options, road trip is one perfect way to enjoy the countryside with family and friends. Discovering the natural beauty of different terrains through highways can be a blissful experience, but may get spoilt if one is not well prepared. Just think, what you will do if your car malfunctions at a remote location? Scary, isn’t it? Well, here are some points which you should seriously consider before you start your summer road trip.

1. Get yourself acquainted with the routes

Planning your journey in advance will de-stress you and your family. You must check the routes of your trip with the help of route planner, satellite navigation system or a simple road map. The familiarity of the road network will ensure a swift journey and equip you with alternate options in case of an unexpected traffic or an emergency.

2. Check the fluids of your car

Your car is as important as you on a road trip. Hot summer months can be taxing on your car as well. Always make sure to check the fluid levels of your car which include engine oil, windscreen washers, coolants and most importantly the fuel. Neglecting them is not an option and will lead to unnecessary breakdowns in the middle of journey.

3. A lot depends on the condition of tyres, check them properly

An exciting road trip depends on the smooth functioning of your car. Similarly, the performance of your car depends a lot on its tyres. Worn out tread or wrongly inflated tyres can disrupt your road trip. Moreover, the increased temperature can worsen the existing tyre problems. Before setting on your journey make sure to check the pressure and tread depth of your car’s tyres. You must also not overload your car as it can hamper the performance of tyres.

4. Clear windscreen for flawless visibility

A blurry windscreen can cause accidents. It’s quite challenging to look clearly through a dust laden windscreen. The problem aggravates during dusk and dawn when there is not enough sunlight. For a clear windscreen you must ensure that your windscreen wipers are working efficiently and washer fluid is quite enough.

5. Emergency travel kit is must

Most people have the notion that modern car is not prone to breakdown. Well, this is not true and unlike any other vehicle it is equally susceptible. Therefore, an emergency travel kit must always be with you wherever you are going. This will comprise of radiant neon jackets, extra mobile phones, medicines, bandages, blankets, tool box, spare tyre tubes and a portable tyre inflator.

6. You must do smart packing

A road trip can turn dull if your family exhausts and gets bore. Refreshing snacks, handy games, foot tapping playlist or even movies can rejuvenate the atmosphere inside a car. In order, to make that happen make a list of items which can be accommodated in your bag and avoid those which are not necessary. Remember, you will spend a good amount of time journeying on the car so be mindful of what things you will carry.   


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