After reading this you will regret hating radish (Mooli)

Mooli has an enzyme Myrosinase, which has cancer fighting properties

Do you hate eating Radish or Mooli? Are you annoyed with its pungent smell and taste? 

Like most people, even I hated it whenever my mom cooked it, I rather relied on the alternatives, which my mother always took care of, due to her profound love and care for my health. 

Mooli for my father was a food which had directly descended from the heaven. He always insisted my mother to cook it many times a week. Me and my younger brother usually preferred it as a salad, but mostly refrained from eating it as a part of our main course meals.

Mooli has always cured my stomach problems. This is due to the medicinal properties of the vegetable, with which I was unaware of for a long time. I still remember my father asking my mother to cook its leaves along with the stem, which is called as 'mooli ki bhujiya', in most parts of North India.

As I grew older, my whole perspective changed for radish. Until now I came to know many qualities this super food.

What makes Mooli a healthy vegetable? 

Mooli has an enzyme Myrosinase, which has cancer fighting properties. Myrosinase enzyme also has anti bacterial and anti-mutagenic properties.

Aids in digestion

Aids in kidney functions

Remove body toxins

A good decongestant

Rich in Vitamin A,C, E & B-6

Rich in minerals Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium & Iron

High in fiber

Low caloric food

Aid weight loss

Classified as a balanced alkaline food

Now here is a quick recipe for making Mooli ki Bhujiya

Soak and wash the radish properly

Chop the leaves and stem in small pieces

Take one tea spoon oil in a pan

Put some chopped green chillies, rock salt (according to your taste), cumin seeds, turmeric (half tea spoon) in the pan

Fry the chopped leaves and stem along with other ingredients

Cover the pan and set the flame low

Leave it covered for 15-20 minutes and your dish is ready 



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